Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Green made easy - reusable shopping bags + great daily deal sites for moms!

I decided to start my New Year's resolutions off a little early! Since I'm trying to be kinder to Mother Nature, I thought I'd share something I've been trying to do lately...

Awhile back, I won a gift card to Olivia Place, a daily deal site that has items for babies, kids, and moms at discounted prices. A lot of the clothes and accessories that I've seen featured on the site are geared toward little girls, which doesn't help Wyatt. (All you moms with little ladies, go check them out! They've had adorable girl stuff the past few days!) So I was really excited when they featured a product for mommies who are trying to go green - reusable shopping bags!

I've bought reusable shopping bags before, usually from Walmart or JCP, and somehow they always wind up either lost, torn, or abandoned in the trunk of my car. I'm really trying hard this time to not be so absentminded. I mean, I do reuse plastic grocery bags. I keep them in one of those nifty fabric tubes with the elastic on the bottom so they're all in one place. They get turned into small trash can liners, etc. But I still seem to be stockpiling them for some kind of grocer's war or something - I have so many! So, I decided it was time to fix the problem at its source: if I wasn't using the store's plastic bags to bag up my groceries, then they couldn't make it into my house!
My green bags from Olivia Place (no pun intended, well maybe... I mean they are actually green...) are by Envirosax, an Australian company that makes chic and pretty reusable bags and water bottles. They're not available anymore, since OP features a new deal every week day (one deal runs on the weekend), but that doesn't mean they won't be again soon! I've also seen them featured on zulily, a larger daily deal site for moms and their offspring.

Other awesome daily deal sites that I've come across (and member invitation links):
Haute Look - multiple daily deals on women's, men's, and children's clothing, home decor, jewelry, and beauty products
Groupon - broken down by city, features a daily coupon and requires a set number of buyers (you've all probably heard of this one by now - it's huge!)
Rue La La - an invitation-only site with multiple deals per day on boutique and designer labels (and that link serves as your invitation... you're welcome!)
Totsy - multiple deals per day for moms, kids, and babies (AND for every purchase, a tree is planted!)
BabySteals - geared towards babies/kids/moms, with two deals featured per day (one at 11 am EST and 11 pm EST)
Eco Baby Buys -one deal per day, features eco-friendly/organic/fair trade products for babies, kids, and moms

I did a good deal of Christmas shopping thanks to some of these sites, most of which offer items for at least 40% of retail prices (usually more). And don't let the "for moms" part scare you off. There are lots of deals to be found for non-parents on these sites as well!

Wyatt and I are off to do some eco-friendly grocery shopping!
- Mother Nature Mom

PS - I just checked and Totsy is featuring organic cotton, linen, and bamboo Envirosax today! They're about $15 cheaper this way. (And before anyone asks, no, I'm not being paid to do this by Envirosax in any way. I just really love their products!)

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