Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Day of the Semester Bento

Are you glad to be back in school? Yeah, me either...

Leftover Tuscan chicken and whole wheat penne pasta in a lettuce "cup"
Edamame, star fruit, kumquats, and a very sad attempt at an apple bunny

I wound up taking a very quick picture outside (where it is 30 degrees, by the way) because the lights were out in the break room in the Arts & Sciences building. Don't know why...? Oh well. Natural light is better anyway.

I want to do a full-fledged Year of the Rabbit bento when my new bento supplies come in (because, yes, I bought more). The apple bunny was mostly for practice. Looks like I could use a bit more...

It's absolutely freezing outside. No outdoor lunch today, or for awhile. There's still some residual snow/ice on the ground around campus. Milledgeville was hit harder than Dublin in Snurricane 2011. (Snurricane? Snow-cano? Snow-nami? I'll stop.)

Is it Spring yet?

- Mother Nature Mom


  1. Cute bento, I love how decorative the star fruit slices look! The icy, sparkling trees decorating your blog homepage are just stunning, love the cool yet radiant blue and white theme :D

  2. I'd never tried star fruit before, and was so happy to see it in my grocery store over the weekend. It was wonderful!
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Healthy bento for the first day of the semester! Bunny apple is cute too! Can't wait to see your rabbit theme very soon :)


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